Denplan Care

Now employing over 300 people, Denplan is the UK's leading dental payment plan specialist with over 6,500 member dentists, around 1,900 company plans and approximately 1.8 million patientis.

It is the only programme to have been fully accredited by the British Dental Association.

Under Denplan Care, for a small monthly outlay which is calculated on your dental status, you will receive comprehensive dental care whenever you need it. This includes:

  • regular check-ups and consultations, x-rays, cleaning and polishing with our hygienist, and all routine dental work which includes all types of fillings, root canal treatment, and general maintenance;
  • the supplementary insurance package gives you important extra protection - covering you for the costs of temporary emergency dental treatment anywhere in the world if you can't get in to see us, dental treatment following a dental injury, a hospital cash benefit, and mouth cancer cover;
  • access to a 24 hour helpline.

The only time you will have to pay extra is if a laboratory proceedure is required; and this is substantially discounted by 65% off the normal cost of that procedure. We will be happy to give you further details.


Joining Denplan care

If you are a new patient we will assess your needs with a thorough dental examination and complete any necessary treatment. As an existing patient we will provide a free-of-charge dental check-up to see whether there is any outstanding treatment requirements. Once this treatment is completed, you will be ready to join.

You will then be assessed for Denplan Care. Points are scored for the number and type of fillings, crowns, bridges, dentures and previous dental treatment like root canal treatment. Also the general state of oral hygiene is determined, as is the presence or history of gum disease. A final point score is obtained which will categorise you into one of five groups, A to E. Each group has a set monthly fee with the cheapest being group A, which has the lowest point score.

A contract form is then filled out and your banking details entered as required for the direct debit mandate. This form is then sent to Denplan Ltd. Enrolment is usually in the month following the date of completion of the contract form.



How much does Denplan cost?

Denplan costs from as little as £3.68 per week.

Denplan at a Crawley Dentist
Smilecare Dental Centre, 45 Furnace Drive, Crawley, West Sussex, RH10 6JD
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