Implants - FAQs

I'm really nervous about having dental implants.

The whole experience is much less uncomfortable than is at first imagined. We offer excellent analgesia when they are placed, and the healing period is usually quite comfortable. We offer sedation techniques for very nervous patients. For reassurance you are invited to speak to one (or more) of our patients who have gone through the experience. It's a whole lot easier than you think.


Can I pay for the treatment in instalments?

Yes. We ask that payment be received in advance of each phase of treatment. The implant placement phase is completed first, and the subsequent phases are started over the next two to eight months or so depending on the procedures involved.


What happens if an implant fails?

Most implants fail in the first year of being placed. If all instructions have been followed correctly and an implant fails during the first 12 months, we will undertake to replace the implant and components free-of-charge. and will only charge a small fee for doing so, typically 30% of the original cost. Thereafter full fees will be charged for any repairs or replacements, unless you have taken up our Implant Maintenance Plan.


Can I get insurance against this happening?

Yes. We are an accredited practice and only use implants that are acceptable to an insurance company. Details are available from you dentist.

In addition, we also offer our Implant Maintenance Plan which covers most implant problems.


I am not a patient of your practice. Do you accept referral patients?

We treat patients on referral from many of the local dentists. We will happily accept you for implant treatment and will liaise with your dentist on all aspects of your treatment.


I've heard about same-day implants. Can I have the new teeth straight away?

In some cases, yes. We will need to assess your specific requirements and will then be able to advise you further.


I'm losing my teeth through gum disease. Can I still have dental implants?

In most cases, yes. Gum disease causes the jawbone to be lost. Implants will stop this process. Obviously excellent oral hygiene is required to keep the implants healthy.


During the treatment, will I be without teeth?

You will never be without teeth. We will make sure that in the interim healing period, you will have comfortable and good looking temporary teeth.

Frequently Asked Questions about Implants - Crawley
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