Straight teeth - beautiful smile

With the improved appearance of modern cosmetic braces, an increasing number of adults are choosing orthodontic treatment; these include 'invisible' removable clear plastic aligners or tooth coloured fixed braces.

Recent innovations have led to the development of low friction braces which can align the teeth more quickly, comfortably and usually without the need for extractions, even when there is a severe crowding problem.

Braces can even be placed on the back of teeth so completely hiding the appliance from view.

We have range of braces that we can use to fit your budget and your cosmetic expectations.

At your consultation, after we have assessed your needs, we will discuss the benefits and costs of each of the systems

Metal braces

These are the traditional 'train track' braces. They work very well with slight disadvantages in that that they are quite noticeable and require diligent cleaning. However, they are the most affordable treatment.

Low friction braces

This is the latest technology in dental orthodontics. Half metal, half clear plastic (or even completely clear), the brackets are small and discreet. Low friction components allow for the teeth to move quicker and in a much more comfortable way. No elastic bands are needed, making for an easy to clean, easy to wear appliance. With less maintenance required, you will need to visit us less often.

Straight teeth with a variety of braces at a Crawley Dentist
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