What our patients write

Our patients' testimonials are the best recommendations we can have. All of these patients have had dental treatment completed at Smilecare in the recent past. If you are still not convinced about the quality of our practice after reading or watching their testimonials, most of them will be only too happy to talk to you about their experiences and why they rate us so highly.

From Kenneth McIntosh, Volunteer Worker and Founder of Light Seeds.
"I have been with this practice since its inception. I was amazed then on the innovations that this new practice brought in which made it easier and more accurate to monitor my oral hygiene and to suggest where corrective action could be considered before nature took a wrong turn.
The amount of fillings I already had prior to this had suggested to me that the only thing that would go wrong in my mouth was metal fatigue. How wrong could I be!  
It became clear to me that a long term monitoring management plan was necessary to ensure that as age and wear took their toll on my teeth they would continue to serve me well.
Every time I visit everything has been thoroughly explained on what could be considered.  No pressure has ever been applied and this has developed into a strong trust being built so much so that I have had my sons seen to as well with the similar satisfactory outcomes. 
I have recommended this practice to others too if ever the conversation turns to bad experiences elsewhere. Like many people I take a deep breath when the next appointment comes up and admit to prevaricating and then wish I had not.
A practice to be recommended!"

From Mr DM, Pays-de-la-Loire, France
"Just had to write and congratulate you on achieving such an amazing pain free experience. My teeth are the best they have ever looked and the service was second to none!"

From Mrs GT, East Sussex
"You have made an incredible difference to the appearance of my teeth; it's great to receive so many compliments and I can now feel confident about smiling again. I am very pleased with the results from the treatment and just wish I had done it earlier! Thanks to all who helped remove my fear of dentists!"

From Mr MT, East Sussex
"I wouldn't hesitate in recommending your practice to a friend or relative."




From Mrs AJ, Pulborough, West Sussex.
"Just a small note to thank you and your team for helping me relax in the chair, to look younger and to smile with confidence again. … My teeth look natural and are stunning…"

From Mr CM, Ditchling, East Sussex
"Just a wee note to say thanks again for my dental treatment. From start to finish everything at Smilecare was perfect – not just the quality of care but also the sleep therapy –because as you know I often 'dropped-off' in the chair!"

From Mr and Mrs BH, Crawley, West Sussex
"Thank you for all your care, help and kindness over the years."

From Mrs BF, Eastbourne, East Sussex
"From start to finish the Smilecare Team kept me well informed and reassured. It was a journey well worth taking as I can once again smile with confidence. I would have no hesitation in recommending this treatment to others."

From Mrs JW, Crawley, West Sussex
"I was initially very apprehensive about having a dental implant but my dentist talked me through the whole procedure, explaining everything to me and answering all my questions. I was still nervous on the day of the procedure but again everything was explained to me as it was being done and the whole experience was nowhere as bad as I'd imagined. I followed the instructions given to me by the dental nurse and she also rang me the following day to ensure all was ok. I had my new implant fitted about ten weeks later. It looks and feels very natural and I am very please with the results."

From Mrs EG, Crawley, West Sussex
"Without you calm and re-assuring manner, as well as expertise, I would not be where I am today, feeling so much more confident and able to smile without feeling embarrassed because of my teeth…. The end result! I think the 'Before and After' photos speak for themselves. I felt really emotional when you first showed them to me. I can scarcely look at the 'Before', but can't stop looking at the 'After' photo. I'm just so pleased with what you've achieved so a massive thank you to you and all those who have made this possible."

What our patients say about our treatments and service
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