Covid-19 - Keeping you safe

At times like this, it is especially important to know that you can have your dentistry in a trusted and safe environment. We are pleased to announce that we are the first dental practice in the UK to upgrade the premises to a level that ensures complete peace of mind.

We have recently invested over £60,000 in the installation of industrial strength air treatment systems so that each and every treatment room is as safe and clean as the fresh air outside.

High Volume Lamina Airflow Extraction


Aerosol build-up and stagnation is the one thing that needs to be prevented to keep everyone safe. The only way to do this effectively is to continuously remove the air from the treatment room so that at all times only clean air is present.

A normal exchange of air in a room is 2 to 3 changes per hour. The large industrial extraction systems that we have fitted independently to each surgery completely remove the entire room’s air volume at up to 45 times per hour and replace it with a clean fresh pre-heated supply.

This means that as a patient you will always be treated in a clean and healthy environment.

Personal Protection Equipment – Keeping you safe

In line with current guidelines we have sourced the latest PPE for all our staff and patients. We have touchless hand sanitisers both inside and outside the practice. Reassuringly head, hand, and body protective coverings are given to each patient at every visit.

"Always treated in a clean-air enviroment"

Restoring your smile at a West Sussex Dentist


HEPA Filtration – Providing clean air


To simultaneously purify and heat a whole treatment room properly, we have installed the latest microprocessor controlled fans throughout the practice. With three intelligent sensors the purifier fan heater goes beyond standard tests by automatically sensing particulate pollution, capturing 99.95% of ultrafine pollutants to as small as 0.1 microns , and projecting purified and heated air using advanced technology. It is the only purifying heater designed and tested to do this.

HOCl – Fogging Machines


The WHO have recommended the use of HOCl within medical premises as a way to eliminate transmissions.

We have installed two HOCl fogging machines into the practice. The fine mist that is created kills any viruses and bacteria that may be present in the air or on surfaces within seconds.

Another reassurance for achieving a healthy microbe-free environment.

New Clean Room LED Lighting

All the ceiling lighting within the practice has been changed to smooth easily cleaned panels. This allows for easier cross infection control and augments the lamina airflow air extraction in the treatment rooms..

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